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Adult Training Classes 

Famous Coach Boyd Tahtat and his world class coaches now also provide training at Texas Badminton in Aliana along with Houston Badminton Academy in Katy. 


  • Learn badminton fundamentals 

  • Basic footwork and strokes 

  • Improve racket skills and hitting timing 

  • Sweat and exercise during the daytimes 

  • Train and play with the professional coach and player 


Adult Training Program Schedule


7:30- 9pm 


6:30- 8pm 

Training Fee

Adult Training Program Fee



4 Weeks



  • Training fee needs to be paid in full before the class. 

  • There will be only one makeup class per month allowed that need to be completed in the same month. No exceptions. Make up classes are disruptive to other students’ regular classes resulting in too many students at the same time. We hope students will understand. 

  • Automatic renewals on credit card 

  • Calculated based on a 30-day month to factor in facility closures due to tournaments, Thanksgiving, and Christmas day 

  • 15 days written cancellation notice is required in case of canceling the subscription. Notice must be sent to 

  • With 30 days advance notice, the subscription can be placed on hold up to once/year.

  • $10 late fee applied for late payment.


  • Students should arrive at least five minutes prior to class in order to warm up (i.e., jogging). 

For more information please call or text 512-947-6871

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