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Court Booking

This option allows individuals to reserve a court for a flat hourly fee. They are responsible for organizing their own group of players to use the court during the reserved time slot. 

​Court Booking and facility Guidelines:

  • Maximum Players: Each court booking is limited to max 6 players. Additional non-members will need to pay walk-in fee.

  • Court Reservation Fee (Member/Non-Member): $37.89/hour/court (Tax is included). House rules apply

  • Extra Charges: An extra charge will be apply if you use additional court, even if other court is empty.

  • Court Use: Please play on your assigned court and within your reserved time.

  • Check-In: No refunds are available. Please arrive at the facility at least 5 - 10 minutes early to complete check-in with the front desk.

  • Waivers: All players in your group MUST sign the Waiver before arriving at the facility, unless they have previously done so. This will be verified at the front desk. Please share this Waiver link with your players group.

  • Food and Drinks: No food or drink is allowed in the playing area.

  • Footwear: Dark or black marking soles are not permitted. A fine of $150 will be imposed for any marking.  

  • **We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone**

  • **Policies are subject to change or adjustment at any time without prior notice to ensure the best experience for anyone**

Please use below link to book a court.

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