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Elite Programs


Famous Coach Boyd Tahtat and his world class coaches now also provide training at Texas Badminton in Aliana along with Houston Badminton Academy in Katy. 


  • Students must be between 6-14 year old 

  • Two hour class plus one hour game play per week (total of 7 hours per week) 

  • Required to join Friday one-hour game with coaches 

  • Homework and home exercises are required for students 

  • Required to join three USA Badminton tournaments per year 

  • Students are not allowed to train at other clubs while being active in the program. No exceptions. 

  • Additional Benefit: Monthly membership free for additional playing time 


  • Tournament strategies and professional techniques 

  • Mental control and toughness 

  • Health and fitness concepts (e.g., endurance, balance, power, and agility) 

  • To work in a competitive and team environment 

  • Discipline, responsibility and respect for oneself and others 

  Improve and Develop 

  • Racket skills and techniques to reduce risk of injury and efficiency of movement (conserve energy) 

  • Advanced game strategies, including a strong mental game 

  • Physical and mental strength 

  • Control: Arousal, anxiety, stress, aggression, relaxation, coping with mistakes, self-talk 

  • Confidence: Self-esteem, expectations, fear of failure, social approval 

  • Commitment: Goal- setting, motivation, effort 

  • Concentration: Focus, attention, consistency, imagery 

  • Cohesion: Social interaction, teamwork, leadership 


  • A socially and physically active lifestyle through the sport of badminton 


  • Students will be placed in their appropriate level that evaluated by the coach 

Spring Elite Program Schedule
2 Hour Session



6 - 8 pm  A

6:30 - 8:30 pm  B

Elite Program Monthly Fee


3 X / Week

4 X / Week

5 X / Week

$ 450
$ 500
$ 550
6 X / Week
$ 600
7 X /Week

$80 One - time registration fee will be applied additionally


  • There will be no makeup classes. No exceptions. Make up classes are disruptive to other students’ regular classes resulting in too many students at the same time. We hope parents/students will understand. 

  • Automatic renewals on credit card 

  • Calculated based on a 30-day month to factor in facility closures due to tournaments, Thanksgiving, and Christmas day 

  • 30 days written cancellation notice is required in case of canceling the subscription. Notice must be sent to 

  • With 30 days advance notice, the subscription can be placed on hold up to twice/year. 

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